(Satureja hortensis)

Description: It is an annual, but otherwise is similar in use and flavor to the perennial winter savory. It is used more often than winter savory, which has a slightly more bitter flavor.

This herb has lilac tubular flowers which bloom in the northern hemisphere from July to September.

Culinary Uses: Summer savory is a traditional popular herb in Atlantic Canada, where it is used in the same way sage is elsewhere. It is the main flavoring in dressing for many fowl, mixed with ground pork and other basic ingredients to create a thick meat dressing known as "cretonade," which may be eaten with turkey, goose and duck.

Part Of Plant Used: Leaves

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An aptly named herb noted for its bold flavor, Savory is equally at home in soups or salads. Many of your favorite Italian dishes will also warm up to the taste of fresh Savory.