Growing the Seed

Goodness Gardens began as a research project under the WoW Group. The project was established during 1980 and set out to test the waters of industrial hydroponic growing of specialty flora, primarily, herbs. Only a few years later, and many countless hours spent researching, testing, and conducting experiments, did WoW group deem the experiment a success and thus, Goodness Gardens was officially established as a start up firm.

Since the mid 1980's Goodness Gardens has expanded exponentially in terms of knowledge, size, and production. Goodness Gardens now owns and operates a 50 acre farm, a large office and production facility, and 5 large hydroponic green houses in Orange County, New York. We also operate a south eastern regional distribution center located in Miami, Florida.

Starting as an infant in the world of big industry and growing into a multi-million dollar incorporated agricultural firm. To this day, over thirty years later our resolve remains constant and Goodness Gardens strives to bring the consumer new, innovative products that bring the vibrant flavors of mother nature's fruits, vegetables, and plant life into your kitchen. Even in light of new products; we continue to strive to deliver the highest quality fresh herbs in the industry. As Goodness Gardens continues to grow and venture into new territory we promise to uphold our standards and bring you, the consumer, only the best.

What makes Goodness Gardens products different?

Many times you walk into a store, it could be any store, and feel a disconnection between yourself and the companies you will be buying from. To you, these are companies who don't really care so much about you. They package their products in fancy packaging to catch your eye and do all they can to trick you into purchasing what they have to offer. Goodness Gardens wants its customers to know that they are part of a family when they purchase our goods. If you send us an email, we respond by hand. Much of the time the CEO responds to customer emails himself. There's no disconnect between the fundamental people of the business, and the fundamental people who keep us in business. As a company we pride ourselves in tough Quality Control and the freshest and healthiest products that we can bring to the market. A lot of companies like to say that the Customer comes first. At Goodness Gardens, we don't just say it. We show it.

A little about our team.

We treat everyone as a family. All of our full time employees are paid above minimum wage. We often have company barbeques during lunch break as well as company wide soccer games running concurrently at lunch. Most of the critical team employees have been on board for more than 10 years. We often hire employees through recommendations from other employees, we feel that it's very important to keep the company like a family, and when we are hiring and a current employee has a qualified person in mind we always check them out first! We believe that employees in a company should stick by their products whether they're on the job or not. We often give free product to our employees to use at home.

Our "Green" practices.

We currently recycle all unused plastics and card board. When we put product through quality assurance and it fails, we collect it in bins and make a large compost pile from the bad pickings to use as a recycled, extremely fertile source of soil.