Food Safety

OUR Food Safety Commitment

Goodness Gardens is committed to be a leading force in the Food Safety initiative. At Goodness Gardens we’ve identified four major components which control the quality and safety of our packing environment. These components of our operations include: Employee Training & Health, Facility Standards & Modernization, Forward Looking Goals, and a Robust Documentation System that provides a direct insight into the day-to-day operation of our facility. All fresh herbs grown and purchased are hand packed in containers on the packing lines in our facility. Employees are trained to inspect and process through only the highest quality herbs before they are put into containers and sealed. We believe no automated process can replace the quality identifying acumen and inspection ability of a human. Goodness Gardens trains all workers on the contamination risks of handling herbs, all safety procedures and practices in the packing and storage facilities, and in the use of personal protective equipment in the workplace. In addition, the company provides training for emergency response and injury/illness reporting procedures. We are committed to our goal of providing a quality product that is safe for both the consumer and our workers. We strongly believe that the environment of which food packing and processing takes place is a key component in safety of the end product. Because of this, Goodness Gardens is extremely committed to operating a facility which remains state of the art by running frequent internal audits on our machinery, safety systems, work flow, and facility layout. We routinely search for new and advanced ways to make our facility cleaner, safer, and more compliant. Documentation plays a major role in our day-to-day
operations at Goodness Gardens. A robust written logging system and video surveillance allows our team the ability to glimpse at any point over the last year and correlate a visual check with our written logs and procedures to cross check for compliance. Our system also allows for extremely efficient trace back and recall when the need arises, as well. Standard Operating Procedures are readily available for any employee to view, and, upon request we will create a copy for any employee to take home for review. A continued, forward looking attitude helps consistently progress our food safety commitment. We use milestone goals to keep us at the leading edge of high quality, safe manufacturing & packing. These four components, Employee Training & Hygiene, Facility Standards & Modernization, A Robust Documentation System & Forward Looking Goals make our success in controlling food pathogen contamination a routine process of providing a quality product at a reasonable price for a satisfied consumer.
Sincerely, Upper Management Goodness Gardens Inc.