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Goodness Gardens Holiday Herb Packs - I love using fresh herbs in my recipes and these holiday club packs make it easy for me to buy just the right amount without going to waste. Plus, they did all the work for me my pairing them perfectly together for my turkey or ham.
— http://www.produceforkids.com/blog/6-new-products-new-york-produce-show
We love the fresh delicious taste of the herbs, dips, sauces, and squeezy fruit. The cold squeezy fruit helped with my cold and soar throat! A few tablespoons of the delicious, cold, high in vitamin C fruit, coated my throat and made it feel better. What a great natural alternative to throat sprays!
— Google Review
All the products are always fresh and ready to be used in any recipe!
I love that Goodness Gardens is local and always gives the right amount in any package you buy!!!
— www.facebook.com/goodnessgardens
The guys i spoke with at Goodness Gardens took time to inform me about how they produce their product. I was impressed with the care they took to inform me, a concerned customer, about the basil product. Also impressed with how long my basil product stayed fresh. Thank you!
— www.facebook.com/goodnessgardens
I would quickly like to say that I love your fresh mint! I use it in drinks and to cook with all the time (I also think the container for it is pretty cool). Thank you!
— Website Review from: Sarah K.
Thanks so much for growing awesome fresh herbs! We are huge fans and use them often.
— Website Review from: Vanessa P.

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