Say no more to throwing out fresh herbs after they go bad!

Shakerz is everything you need for a bold flavor while staying "fresh" indefinitely!

- Does not go in the fridge or freezer, keep on shelf

(count of 3 shakerz tubes)


(Ocimum basilicum)

Description: A member of the mint family, basil is a tender, annual herb. A low–growing plant with pointed, oval–shaped leaves, Basil is extremely aromatic. Native to India, Basil is now grown in many regions of the world.

Culinary Uses: Often a key ingredient in Italian dishes, as well as Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, Basil’s slightly spicy flavor makes it ideal for fish, chicken, stews, pasta and salads. Another popular use for Basil is in pesto, an Italian sauce that also contains olive oil and pine nuts.

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