Its a party when having our blueberry bananza! The robust flavor of blueberries compliments the sweet taste of bananas to get a great mix for our refreshing puree!

Blueberry Bananza

Fruit Junior products are made with
real, fresh fruit and contain no preservatives. Fruit juniors last up to 24 hours in the refrigerator after being opened.

blueberry_banana pancakes_thumb.jpg

Ease of use:

- Does not need to be refrigerated until opened
- Resealable
- Easy storage
- Large caps to prevent chocking
- Ergonomic packaging


- Lunch boxes/kids snacks
- Desserts
- Dessert toppings
- Snack/ Travel snack
- 2 daily servings of fruit
- Work
- Easy/Ready to go

Health Benefits:

- Great source of Vitamin C
- Anti-oxidants  
- Real Fresh Fruit
- Allergen Free
- No artificial coloring  
- No artificial flavorings
- No concentrates
- No high fructose corn syrup